Omg girlz and mindless behavior dating

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Bajah's POV------------------------------------------------------ Hi I'm Bajah A. At School Prince: Hey Beautiful Me: *blushes* Hi Prince: Wanna hang after school??

Are mindless behaviour dating the omg girlz - Aurora Beach.

Yes I know you probably won't believe this, but ever since we was on tour I just feel rht around him.

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Ray Ray and Star DATING. mindless bhavior and omg girlz.

I really like her I just don't know how to tell her.

Are the OMG Girlz dating Mindless Behavior -

Everyday she walk into class and, look even more beautiful then ever. After School () Text Messages between Prince and Bajah My#1girl: Hey is it OK if I bring Star along plzz Me: umm sure My#1girl: Thanks your the best!!!

Omg girlz and mindless behavior dating:

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